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I Live in a small provincial town, in the south of a small country situated at a North Sea delta marshland. Our country’s main port is one of the largest in the world. Here, containers from all over the globe are offloaded onto trains that are heading to the German hinterland. Roaring, thundering, they walz trough our town, music to my ears. Up on the elevated railway, steel reflects the evening light and sparks my imagination. I see a colourful caravan that turns globalisation into something tangible. Man-Sized, seawater – resistant vynil lettering ong corded and weathered skin. Concise poetry, cryptic letter combinations. Aworldispasingbyinfrontofmyeyes.

All these container liners claim to be among the top ten of the world and the numbers they use to support their stories can really make your head spin. For them small scale equals weakness. Ninety percent of the things we buy are shipped across the oceans. The cost to transport a container from China to Western Europe is fifteen hundred dollars. There are forty million containers in circulation worldwide.


Idea & Photography: Wladimir Manshanden
Pictures taken between june 2016 and september 2017
@daalakkersweg & Achtseweg Zuid,
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

First print run, december 2017

With thanks to: Cultuur Eindhoven

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